Ooh Baby Baby Songtext
von Smokey Robinson

Ooh Baby Baby Songtext

I did you wrong
My heart went out to play
And in the game I lost you
What a price to pay ooh
I'm cryin'

Ooh ooh baby baby

Ooh ooh baby baby

Mistakes, I know i've
Made a few, but i'm
Only human, you've made
Mistakes too I'm cryin'

Ooh ooh baby baby
Ooh ooh baby baby

Oooooh baby baby
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

I'm just about at the
End of my rope
But I can't stop cryin
I can't give up hope
Because I feel someday
I'll hold you near
Whisper I still Love you
Until that day is here oooooh
I'm cryin'

Repeat chorus

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