Oblivious Songtext
von Smile Empty Soul

Oblivious Songtext

Oblivious to everything
You ignore your own ability to dream
You put down the things in which you used to believe
To march blindly into the open mouth of the machine

Do you even stand for one fucking thing
Or do you stay naked and ashamed
Next to your drip of dopamine
Hoping that your masters let you keep consuming
The poisons that make you spiritually unclean

Everything you've ever been told is as lie
The history books, governments, religions are designed
To hold us all down, keep us deaf, dumb and blind
To the type of change we could create if we all saw the light

Your life doesn't matter when the system is broken
Here's two pieces of shit, now choose one with your token
All the while the real person in charge
Casts spells with the wand on the dark side of Mars

Politics really aren't even the issue
It's just another reality show to kill some brain tissue
We need to break up, see the picture at large
Turn our backs on the system that's fucking us hard

So run for the hills, leave the cities behind
Learn to go forward, to decipher truth from lies
The God we should seek resides in us all
The church has it figured out if there's money involved

Seek the truth and you will find it
Seek the truth and you will find it
Seek the truth and you will find it
Seek the truth and you will find it

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