Horses Jumping Songtext
von Slow Club

Horses Jumping Songtext

I forgot i used to swim out into the other cove. Lookin' for another win. The horses jumpin' out the boat.
And yes, i recall all the saturdays just walkin' through the hall.

Now we talk 'cause it's new again, and that's worth waiting for.
That's worth waiting for.

Now the boys are talking while they rip the green off the pool table. And then they run and sprint and hide.
You got the cue, now you're able.
And i'm transfixed by the corner of another burning door.

Good love is hard to forget when you're down on your own.
Good love is hard to regret when you know it was real.
You just know.

I wanna live in paradise.
I wanna see it like you do through your eyes.
I wanna live where it's simple and without complexity. I might move around, you're always next to me.
I wanna live where each hand you're dealt is enough so you never feel like you want to bluff. And every road that you drive gives you the crashes that keep you alive. You're alive.

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