Strangers Songtext
von Slaine

Strangers Songtext

[Verse 1:]
Living my life alone, I'm trying to keep a grip with my ice that's on
A glove hanging on tight, don't slip, love life
Broads in strip clubs, the glare of a starry night
Selling pussy ain't wrong but it's hardly right
I hardly write anymore, becoming numb
Plus no one could understand where my words are coming from
Just a lost soul, birthed to the wrong earth
At a crossroads, cursed with a thirst to look at the worst
Plus I'm cynical and always thinking crooked at first
And these chemicals are gonna have me put in a hearse
So in general I'd say I got one foot in the dirt
In my words of a man on his last stand, damn
The foul odor coming out the dirty trash can stinks
You can smell it, why you listen what the last man thinks
Speak your own mind, be your own man, not your own kind
Or is it really that you're just scared to walk a long climb?
[Chorus: x2]
A thug changes and love changes
And best friends become strangers I guess
Are we really just strangers?
Cause I don't wanna be strangers
[Verse 2:]
It's like that, all gone with the wind
Stranded in the past, god damnit I want it again
All I want is my friend
Wanna write this story to the end
We're weaving our tale, I ain't putting down the pen
Cause I have been walking through the streets hearing sirens
Violins, putting rhymes to the violence
Wake up and do it again
It's an ugly world searching for a beautiful thing
Everywhere I look it's Lucifer and Judas' king
Streets full of evil, needles you can shoot in your skin
Who couldn't sin? We slide then we sinfully grin
We gotta do what we gotta, fucking pencil me in
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3:]
So these are the days of our lives
And sometimes in sadness there's so many ways you can cry
Without never shedding a tear out the hazelest eyes
And fear walks around in the strangest disguise
But who's strangers? Are we strangers?
Can we never go back where we came from?
I been saying the same thing from day one
Now you wanna just turn backs and play dumb
I understand, hun but we knew the rain could come
That would be the true test so I guess you ain't the one
You aim that gun, I'll take that slug
Girl, the love change her now you hate that thug
[Chorus x2]

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