Sink To Sleep Songtext
von Sirens and Sailors

Sink To Sleep Songtext

I came, I saw, I've conquered.
Bit more than one could chew.
I hear the land conspire,
Betrayed by all of you.
But I'll rise, I'll rise again.
And the cowards be, the ones who flee off.
Now that the tables have turned,
Things go from good to getting worse.
Does love really fade with time?
Or does temptation just get in the way.
Am I sinking, drowning to her only song?
I know I didn't deserve this, but I put it upon myself.
Don't deceive me, I know it won't be long before you're gone.
What is this place I've come to? Is it real? Am I dreaming?
Make believing I'm not seeing.
I wasn't seeing what my eyes had placed in front of me.
Is this just a mirage of feeling?
We should have never listened to notes that left their lying lips.
Now we are stuck with visions of life before its sudden end.
As the ocean sinks me to sleep.
Lately I've been thinking about us,
And the way you took everything away from me.
I should have known to steer clear of liars, liars.

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