Of Good and Bad Songtext
von Silent Decay

Of Good and Bad Songtext

when I look to the right
I see an angel on my shoulder
but even look to the left of course
I see the devil with a folder
he starts to read me out this list
this list! these notes, when angel causes problems
I've never thought that this list could be so long
and on my right - someone starts crying
we love it to love - it's like beauty and the beast
welcome to this game of good and bad
to this fabulous slideshow
it doesn't matter if you feeling sad
or are alone with your sorrow
these games of good and bad
since from the day when nobody's dead
we can't say no
and it holds on tomorrow!
could it be? is it true? could it be? are you shure?
that this is the truth, my devil
my right shoulder gets wet - I feel tears
cannot believe that this could be
I drop my friends away while going insane
all I believe in - equals pain?!
as I awake, confused and wet
a folder lays beside next to my bed

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