Time Bomb Songtext
von Sheena Easton

Time Bomb Songtext

Maybe long ago there was a healthy respect?
I've only ever known, wilful neglect
With all eternity, there to borrow from
We're always going to be here
For tomorrow's sun

Now it's turning 'round
Because there's really no choice
When your money can't save you
Love of the world
Find it's voice

Ooh it's a time bomb
Stops ticking and your time has gone
Oh it's a time bomb

You talk so fast about how much you love me
But I have to doubt, your sincerity
Look around, see how far you've come
By living blind to your own destruction

Look in the lake, see what it reflects
This ain't love, no
That's the face of easy sex


When my heart started beating
I was on my own
Now there's been a change in the weather
Seems like we're all, in it together


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