One More Reason Songtext
von Sheena Easton

One More Reason Songtext

I love you so much baby
I just can't believe that by the end of each day
Somehow you're giving me
One more reason to love you
Like the way that you smile
Or the way you brush the hair from my eyes

You give something
That I thought I'd never have
And when you send me that look
You know I've got to add
One more reason to love you
I'm running out of numbers counting up to heaven

Love never felt so right for the first time in my life
All I know is baby

Every day you're giving me
One more reason to love you
And baby when you smile all I see is one more reason to love you
You give me, you give me, you give me reason
One more reason

The way you laugh
The way you smile
The way you call my name
And even if we're all standing in the pouring rain
Nothing could suit me better
Just as long as we're together
For the first time in my life
Love never felt so right
Cos all I know baby

When I lay down at the end of the day
I feel so lucky
I hope I'll always find the words to say
How much I love you
Every day

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