Devil in a Fast Car Songtext
von Sheena Easton

Devil in a Fast Car Songtext

I used to think that I was made of stone, I only wanted to be on my own
It gets so lonely when youre all alone and you just cant take anymore

Look at the passion in my eyes tonight
Comin at you through the clear moonlight
I want a lover who can hold on tight til I just cant take anymore

Give me no heavenly knight, make him a devil in a fast car
Send me no angel in white, I want it just the way that you are

Other eyes are watching everywhere
Tryin hard to catch us but I just dont care
I gotta touch you just to prove youre there, not some dream I had before

Here comes that feeling that I cant understand
Cant put it in the back, cant hold it in my hand
Gave all the love time on those one-night-stands
Just to see what lies in the store

chorus repeats 2x

Flyin east to the risin sun, for ninety minutes Ill be under the gun
Ill dream about you while Im on the run til I just cant dream anymore

chorus repeats out

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