Turn Me On Songtext

Turn Me On Songtext

Well, I can be magic or tragically tragic
I can be everything between us
Some days I'm frightful or awfully delightful
The consummate extremist
But you say, grinning
You're okay with all of the trimmings
But you're blundering, you're skating
I'm wondering, why are you waiting

Turn me on, turn it up
Turn this fable into fact
Turn my world on its ear
Then go and turn it back
Turn the fall into flight
Turn this bubble to a burn
Baby, it's your turn
Turn me on, on
Turn me on

Just trust me you own it, I've always
known it
You must have memorized my manual
So why are you scared of this villainous
word, "love"
Maybe it's too true to handle
Your willing addiction
And feeling a tiny confliction
It's scrawled on your face
Here we've stalled so pick up the pace


Turn me on
You gotta give it up
'Cause you're gonna, gonna save me
Turn me on
You're charming when you're starving,
Don't you ever, ever crave me
Turn me on
Oh gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme something
To hold on to - oh yeah

Turn the fall into flight
Turn this bubble to a burn
Baby it's your turn, so -


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