Serpents Songtext
von Sharon Van Etten

Serpents Songtext

It was a close call
Sitting in the back of the room
With the bowl you had own
But they didn't know

Close in on my black eye
I feel safe at times
Certain emblems
Tell me it's time

Serpents in my mind
Looking for your crimes
Everything changes
I don't want mine to this time

You enjoy sucking on dreams
So I will fall asleep
With someone other than you
I had a thought
You would take me seriously
And listen on

Serpents in my mind
I am searching for your crimes
Everything changes
In time
You'll stay frozen in time

Collagen girls
Controling minds
You hold the mirror well
To everybody else

Serpents in my mind
Trying to forgive your crimes
Everyone changes
In time
I hope he changes this time

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