Jd Love Songtext
von Shaman’s Harvest

Jd Love Songtext

A touch of silence
I've been afflicted
Borders on violence
So restricted is our love
A vague remembrance
Her hair reminiscent
Of lavender honey, not a care for money
But someday maybe we would start
A small family
What a surprise we had in store
Cause three years gone by and our family is four
We might be touching
But we've never been any further apart
Than we are now in this place
What happened to our dream
I remember the first time
And how I worked so hard
For us to be touching
At the river our bodies entwined
I ran my hands over goosebumped skin

I was so nervous on that evenin'
And as I slipped off her faded out blue jeans
I remember thinkin' I'd do anything
To make her happy
Now with time swept behind us
I feel the same way I did last night
I just wish we could show it
Our lives controlled by an ugly habit
Don't think I can't hear you cryin
When we lay in our bed where we
Sleep at night
So much I want to say to you
If I could only find the heart
Our daily lives seen to get in the way
What happened to our dream
But if I were to tell you
How much I care would it make a change
Could the wounds be healed
And if I asked you
Am I still the only one
Or have we turned our backs
From all the damage done
I would give anything
To stop all the cryin' here
Cause God knows you're the last
Person I wanted to hurt

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