Blue Songtext
von Shaman’s Harvest

Blue Songtext

It's so hard to pacify
All of these thoughts inside
Changing up another lie
Better if you still
Were wishing me to go to hell
I'll take you all as well
Loving you while hating me
Was it all just a dream ---
Just a dream---
But you don't have to love me
Cause I could just care less
There's been times when you would crucify me
Or better yet be your second guess
And I find it quite disturbing
How I wake to find,
You're not sleeping here anymore.
And do you find it quite unquieting
How you wake to find
I've been whispering at your door
It was just a dream
Just a dream
I've given my all every night
I have given my will to
Relinquish my soul If I had not where would I be
It has become my mother
Become my family
Sitting in my own blue garden
Staring out my beautiful blue house
These crown of thorns grow heavier
While you all taste the spice
Did you forget my sacrifice

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