You're the One for Me Songtext
von Shalamar

You're the One for Me Songtext

Girl, Its seems so unfair.
I should take on the world, without you by side.
Baby but now.
Reality begins when infatuation ends.
Cause this feeling is to strong to hide.

I wanna fall so deep in love.
but I gotta know.
Is it in your heart.
Is it really what you want to do.hoo.
Can you give it up?
When things are getting serious?
My heart is carrying a heavy load.

I'd knock on you're door if i thought your heart would let me in,
your game of love is difficult, Sometimes you win.
I ask myself why.
I endure when I should search anew but the answer always seems to be...
You're the one for me.

Ooh, They say that love is blind.
Also hard to find.
Just listen to your heart and don't give up.
You know.
You never said to me.
That you fell out of love.
You just covered up emotion's when said you wanted more of.

The things you need.
Got them right here with me.
All you need is one.
One true love for you believe me girl.
I got a lot of love to give.
But no one to give it to.
Girl I want it to be you.

You're the one... You're the one for me...

In this game of love I really want to win for us. You're the one.

You're the one for me.

Baby we've been through to much.
To just give it up.

You're the one for me.

I don't need to look no further for love.
You're the one... hoo, You're the one.

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