On Top of the World Songtext
von Shalamar

On Top of the World Songtext

On top of the world
On top of the world

How long I waited for that lucky break
[Incomprehensible] not always come easy
I learned that life was full of give and take
But I learn from my mistakes, made me a better man

I know my place in life
And take a stand
With no regrets in life
Kiss my lazy days good bye
For a better way of life

Now I'm on the top of the world
And that's where we're at now
There ain't no turning back
On top of the world, yeah
And I'm gonna stay right there, oh yeah

So many things in life can hold you down
But I set out to prove that I can make it
I have no fear being pushed around
My comfort deals with something no one could take away

I knew right from the start I'd make a break
Believing is the way I found a master plan
That gave me a winning hand

Now I'm on top of the world
That time is right for dream to come true
To start my life anew on top of the world
On top of the world, this time will nothing bring me down

Top of the world
My spirit so high
Top of the world
And that's where I'm at
No turning back

Just believe that your dreams will come alive
It's a fact that failure, that's in your own mind
If the darkness comes before the light
Just keep on moving straight ahead
And you will find the brighter side of life

On top of the world
That's where I'm at
And there'll be no turning
No turning back

I'm on top of the world
I'll wait and forget
And my heart is burning
On top of the world

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