Yummy Songtext
von Scout Niblett

Yummy Songtext

And you strip me
And you feel me
Even from afar

What ever this is
Let it take you
And let it take me, yea

Our heart is here
Our heart is here
As ripe as mine

Is it truly
Is it truly
Was fate playing tricks on me?

Oh surrender
Just surrender
To its beauty

Do I dare
Do I dare
Where you're sleeping

Oh forgive me
I think I'll eat you
Your cheek's in my tummy

And i won't stop
Til you're all gone
I'll have your bones beside of me

And this way
You can never
Take that body away from me

And I'll dance
With them bones
Anytime i want you

And we'll dance
Back forever
Has started here

Cuz you strip me
And you feel me
Even from afar, yea

And a...
I seen a...
I seen it in your eye

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