The Girls From the Streets Songtext
von Scott Walker

The Girls From the Streets Songtext

Suffocating eyes and fast hellos and last good-byes
Surround the night of me
Mustache large like smoke from his cigar
Coughs up a joke and laughs a net of sound

Swallowing the pinwheel clowns
Consuming all the women
Like a giant sponge
Snap! The waiters animate
Luxuriate like planets whirling 'round the sun
Collapsing next to me
Shouts don't look sad
Things aren't so bad
They're just more wrong than right
His brandy brim voice whispers
Come with me I hold the key
The city's ours tonight

Heys the barmaid slaps her ass
She shrieks her gold teeth flash
With rapturous delight
Earthquaking the sawdust ground
He grabs my arm and out into the famished night

Now two blazing leaves burning up ground
The tiny waltz of a merry go round
Cascading lights for every heartbeat
Tonight we'll sleep with the girls from the streets

Hurry faster don't look back
His coattails snap his laughter's burning in my ears
I ride upon this giant storm
Through rust-red rooms where shadows breathe from every

The world is up for auction sales
A thousand lies descend
The women's tear-tracked cheeks
Still we'll dance them on and on
We can't stop now
Not now until we reach the dawn

Quick give us your lips
Give us your thighs
Give us your sad and devouring eyes
Cascading tears for every heartbeat
Tonight we'll sleep with the girls from the streets

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