Angels of Ashes Songtext
von Scott Walker

Angels of Ashes Songtext

The Angels of Ashes
Will give back your passions
Again and again

Their light shafts
Will reach through the darkness
And touch you my friend

They'll fly in a mind dance
And blind you with wings
Wrapped in flame

If you're down to an echo
They just might remember
Your name

In the unbroken darkness
Where emptiness empties

There's no starting or stopping
Where there is no right or
No wrong

Well that's all right for some
Who can hang the absurd
On their wall

If your blind hands can't grope
Through these measureless waters
You'll fall

You've been following patterns
And fleeting sensations
Too long

And the fullness that fills up
The pulse of durations
Is gone

Let the great constellation
Of flickering ashes
Be heard

Let them burn with a fire
All it takes to confess
Is a word, just a word

I can recommend angels
I've watched as they've made a man strong
Oh so strong

If your humbleness shows
Then I'm sure that they'll take you

You can tell them who sent you
It might help to get you

You can say that he laughed
And he walked like St. Francis
With love

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