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Fuck the Millenium Songtext
von Scooter

Fuck the Millenium Songtext

Transmission, here is the force
Are you ready for the new technology?
Introducing the cool crew

There's Rick, there's Axel and there's me
I'm the candyman, also known as Dave, Dave from Sheffield
Furthermore known as the screaming lord
But you can call me Ice, Ice, Ice baby

Do you understand? I'm Ice
Get hyped to the rhythm, get hyped to the rhythm
This is the liberation, this is the liberation
I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck
I wanna fuck, fuck the millenium

Rock it, Gothic doesn't exist
Remember the justified ancients
Volume up to the max
I walk the line, the line between good and evil

This is the energy ridding your face
The next, the next attack, the next
The next attack, get prepared
The next, next, the next attack
Get prepared, the next, next, the next attack

Alright, leave me alone guys
There's nothing, there's nothing more to say
Fuck off

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