I'm Still Waiting Songtext
von Sasha

I'm Still Waiting Songtext

Sweet little girl
You and me together
It′s all I'M dreamin′ of
Just one look
And then I knew
All I'm longin' for is you
All alone
I′m standing at the phone now
There is no one calling
No one calling
I′m still waitin' for your love

Please forgive me
But I can′t resist you
There is so much
I will do for you
Your tender kiss
And you pretty smilin'
Is the only thing I need
Don′t forget what I'm feelin′ for you
I can't live without your lovin'
I′m still waitin′ for your love
Okidoke, you wait for me
To walk on by
Honey, don't hesitate
Don′t be shy
You were waistin' your time
By waitin′ too long
Young Deenay is coming at you
Sasha kick his song
I'm still waitin′ for your love
Hey little girl
Let me love you tonight
Hey little girl
I wanna hold you tight
Hey little girl
You bring joy in my life
And when you walk on by
It cuts like a knife

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