If One Bird Sings Songtext
von Sarah Kreuz

If One Bird Sings Songtext

If one bird sings
Night is over
And I can't dream you anymore
If one bird sings
It's tomorrow
And the dream of you is broken like before
I can see the city from my window
I can hear the footsteps on the dawn
And the sunlight kisses every little flower
There's a petal in the dark this lying torn
Didn't wanna be the one who's waiting

Waiting for the shadow's to turn black
But the road to you is feeling so familiar
And I'll never ever tire of going back
I don't want to spend a night without you
So I'm dreaming as slow as I can
Oh I'd need
Twenty million words to write about you
Bit I sleep and you're here
Holding my hand...
But I'll dreamyou like I dreamed you here before

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