Happy Enough Songtext
von Sara Bareilles

Happy Enough Songtext

I am my father's first and only son
And my family worked til' the job was done

We didn't have much but we still had some
And I learned to be happy enough

I'm proud of everything I've earned
And I built a business and I built a home

Someday you'll read it on my slate head stone
That I was happy enough

Keep your head down
And enjoy what's around you

Make solid ground on happy enough

The way that I see it
I have what i need as long as I breathe I'm happy enough

I get by on happy enough
I get by on happy enough

I know you mean it and I envy that
I wish I felt that way too
But you've got a house, your health, your job

What else do you want?
We can't have it all
(Ooh, happy enough)

Might as well take what's coming your way
Sit and say "I'm happy enough"

Keep your head down
Enjoy what's around you

Make solid ground on happy enough

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