Wha’ You Feel Like Songtext
von Santigold

Wha’ You Feel Like Songtext

So you think you know what a girl like?
Tell me gonna give it to me all night
Bend me all in-to it and we alright
Cock-it-up on ya, take you for a rough ride
Bashy bashy, mi feel bashy bashy
Get me Bashy, bashy, bashy
Hee hee

Told me you don't own me, I know that's right
Confessing your love in neon light
A million wantin' to live out mi wild life
You actin' big, you know we stride for stride
You're the king at the club, I know you like it

Girls want to rub up and you like it
Driver in front, how you like it
Got all 3 on your arm and you like it
(Now) you stuntin' wha you feel like
Say you love me true, tell me wha' you feel like
Not, not me don't know wha' you feel like
See, a wandering eye make a man a lonely heart
Now boy, who you playin' wit
You nah get away wit it

Body like a bombshell, I ignite
Take one look at me and your heart spike
Telephone, ring me up, I get 'em tongue-tied
Boys, they fightin' over me to be my knight
Now you trying to pull me to the side like
Whatever we was, we had love right
You say no one get you rev up like that still
A rolling stone, tell me who's mad now

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