12 Years in the Tomb Songtext
von Saint Vitus

12 Years in the Tomb Songtext

My existence seems to be not knowing life from death
Four stone walls are closing in
I'm going quite insane
Nothing left for me to do
But stay and waste away
Every time I try to leave
I'm stuck in this same place

The endless loop of every day
Pulls me back to start
I scratch and claw to get away
But still I'm in the dark
I feel I'm invisible to everything around
The creepers that are feeding me never make a sound

12 years in the tomb
12 years in the tomb
12 years in the tomb
12 years in the tomb

Each night gotta find a crack
With moonlight shining in
I pray if I could just slip through
Escape, I would win
Stone cold walls forever laughing
The wind draws her not seen
Always give a glimpse of freedom
To show that it's a dream

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