Blockbuster Night, Pt. 2 Songtext
von Run the Jewels feat. Despot & Wiki

Blockbuster Night, Pt. 2 Songtext

I somersault in the room and then pop to the van damme split on em
Rappers all get the dick like they got clits on em
Big and sweaty testicular cancer induced tits on em
The love to hug and cry and explain what they are the victim of
Braid each others hair and tell stories bout how they've been in love
Hey kids I'm a computer, I'm a trooper feeling super, shoot the future like a looper
You tryna step like gooses ima go home with your luger
The tie-ers of the nooses get a broom up in their pooper

This is for the dope do-er, ho pursuer
If you procure then you cut her and stick her like a skewer
See this is for paupers and the prisoner, authors of the literature
Opposers to the holders of the swastika insignia

Cue the music I'm bout to do something stupid
I got a new shiny tool kit to fix your face and I'll use it
Flippin birds I ain't talkin no middle fingers
Come line up to kiss the ring of your favorite rap singer
Des pot roast comin out the oven hot
Stuntin on you bumbaclots fronting like you runnin blocks
Bet your mother love to watch you come up out ya fuckin socks
Spin the barrel take a shot loves you or it loves you not
Pop.schlepping weapons out the seven
Betting on who gettin to heaven first with the henchmen
Try to test me I'll send some shots at your keppy
You best address me correctly but mama still calls me Lechky

When someone ask me to spit it, I'm nasty
Like a cabbie with cricket, I know it like the back of my hand
I actually did it If you even think 'bout dapping my hand
Homie better be dapper than Dan, You wit it
Actually fam, what you wanna gonna laugh at me fam?
Right cause I'm tacky and tan
It's actually him pass me the gin
Pass me whatever you got, pass me your bitch
Pass me the clip hit it hold it now it's bout time to pass me the 5th Sipit
Soledmysoulforitpass it back to the bitch
Hopefully she get half as just swizzed as wik
After the fact that he had to just sip, just dip

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