The Everquest Songtext
von Ruins of Faith

The Everquest Songtext

The everquest
Imagine human being without motivation
I mean in same condition, who is not trying to infringe
Treasures of creation and misteries of nature
Otherwise he feels confusion because that knowledge is gonna burn his mind
Consumer of the same day, walking in the clouds of ignorant lies
He cannot see the truth, unable to realize that the everquest is our life
The everquest is our life, but he prefers to deal with lies
He encroaches knowledge he had already infringed
The circulation of that action shows a picture of dead seed
Which will not grow in endless fields and will not underground
And won't be cut by harvester who works for future life
Imagine hazy world, where no one takes effort to learn from another
The same mistakes in everyway, the same speaking in thy pray, and all still remains
Nothing again, nothing will change, nothing to gain in this world, it is so fatal
What's gonna supervise? but still prefer to deal wit lies
It was once told that the more you gain the less you loose
Every time in various life i rush my pulse
To take out more than ever from our dimension
And use my knowledge in everquest in infinity convention
My knowledge maintenances non existence of duality
That means desolation, that means my reality
No my world is not so fatal
Because my life is the everquest

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