The Necklace Songtext
von Rose Polenzani

The Necklace Songtext

Hey, little white girl,
crawl in your canteen.
He shed it all, all for you.
Some boy he turned out to be,
growing dry,
and black as rye.
You save them up
and you pinch them down.
You d have them all
for a necklace sewn.
Unstab your hands from your lungs.
What need you fear, his royal tear?

My ebony ring
is changing.

He brought a gold chain
in a camel s mouth,
for such a long pane of glass-flesh.
I see your veins underneath,
and should you stir,
a pannish glimmer.
In brushing past
the wake of your fast,
I can t agree with anything.
Show me infinity
to make him a monarchy.

My ebony ring
is changing.

A minister laughs,
a banner chaffs,
to challenge a love s nativity.
Some boy he turned out to be,
his foreign hem
arranging them.

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von Rose Polenzani

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