Know Me Well Songtext
von Roo Panes

Know Me Well Songtext

Well you know me with that ancient gaze,
You strip me down with yesterday's eyes,
You know me as I was but see me as I will be.
I still had a lot of growing when you took me and you shaped me with those hands,
You know me better than myself; make me better than I am.

You know me well, you know me well, you know me well

When I think upon my past I see I loved you many years before you came,
In my hopes and my dreams, with the wax and the moon wanes.
You saw what I could be, so please teach me how to be what I was made to be.
See, without you I'm as nothing, but with you can be anything.

What can I fear, when I know that I walk by your side?
You're the fortress, within which I've got nothing to hide.
None can take me; I'm the tower the world cannot fell,
Cos I'm stronger when I know that you know me well.

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