Lost Soul Songtext
von Roman Messer

Lost Soul Songtext

Life's a maze. I'll never know,
which way to run which way to go.
No turning back going deeper now . Underground,
No giving up, no giving out.
I don't want to be found.

Drill me in, I can't be found
I'm calling out, can you hear me now?
Won't wait for me, won't let me out
I'm searching now, I figured out
I don't wanna be found

Lift me back up when I feel your pain
like a lost soul
On this carousal, going 'round again
Will I ever make it home
Sick of going nowhere
Start this right and let me out
I never understand
More than I ever know
Feel like a lost soul

I'm losing all control
Can you find me
When I'm lost and feel alone
No more hiding
Losing all control

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