Wildfire Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

Wildfire Songtext

We met when we were children
Young hearts with old woven souls
He took to me like a wildfire
And encrypted his love into my bones

They took my husband late last night
Past the pyramids and the Caspian Sea
He'll be buried under a starless sky
I'll hold the shape of him till I die

Send him this message for me
Shadows are all I believe in
Tell him I'm ready to meet him in Heaven

'Cause without you beside me here, I am not breathin'

Momma, come to me/
I'll stay with you tonight
My sweet-hearted companion
He has left to join the fight

Fire burns where the snow once fell
Blood spills near the oil well
I join the line of a million tears
'Cause no one knows my name or my family here

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