The Moonlight Is Ours Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

The Moonlight Is Ours Songtext

With the flag waving free from the bow of your ship
And the sun on your face and red wine on your lips
With the wind at your back and the rain on your field
May your love be your light and the darkness your shield

But if you know the night sky and I know the stars
Then the moonlight will always be ours

When our dreams fade to black with the cinders of sleep
And our secrets weigh less than the ones we don't keep
Just remember my face when our eyes meet the dawn
And you'll gather your roses once the curtain is drawn

When we laid you to rest in the October ground
And your family and friends were all gathered around
Could you see our faces all crippled with grief
The pain and remorse scattered 'round us like leaves

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