The Devil Walks Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

The Devil Walks Songtext

The reel writes me another story
About the bullets that fly through the north country
The mamas cry their lullabies
Of another black son dead tonight

The streets are mourning this morning
The sewers flood with papa's blood
And nobodies child is safe in this place
Where the devil kills for the chase

Bad news, Im the bearer of bad news
Oh Lord what we can I do
Bad News, always bringing such bad news
Oh Lord what should I do

I must admit love I am afraid
I cling to you but your far away
I've lost my sword, I've lost me shield
Dig us a well so we can be healed

The devil walks, the devil is real to me
Even as I sing I can hear him gnashing his teeth
I feel your hand I see the wall
You've locked him away and you will not let me fall

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