I'm Gone Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

I'm Gone Songtext

Look at these people they're praying to billboards that
Tell them all who they should fight with and kill for
They swear that our country's united as one while they
Board up their doorways and load up their guns singing

If you can find me come
Find me, if not then I'm

The people I learn from, I've studied and trusted
Are usually like me all hung up and busted
And sometimes you're cornered whatever you do
You ain't lookin' for trouble it's lookin' for you and so

My woman's the best thing that's happened since bread
She makes me fruit smoothies and rubs on my head
"I'll give you the world!" I said with a nod
"But first I think I'll need to go get a job.

We're all getting' older with tattoos and babies
Car payments, grey hairs, dead friends and late fees
So here's to the hearts and the hands of the men
That have come with the dust and have gone with the wind

I promise to look you all up right before I go blind
If I don't go crazy soon I swear I might lose my mind
You can find me where we first made love underneath that neon sign
I promise not to do nothing too dumb if you just come back home in time
In time, in time

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