Fortune Teller Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

Fortune Teller Songtext

On the day I was born it was prophesied
That the earth would bang and blast away
On the day i first stepped on the ground
Oh the earth trembled in a quake
it ain't a story to summon my greatness
Or a plea for a little pity
Just a sign of trouble to come
That I wear on my hip like a gun

Its gone, it's gone its the goodness
That I had as a little one
Oh I pass behind my father
'Cause now I'm as good as done
such a heavy load for such a little girl
To see the changing lights
We don't know how to please them
But they push and they pull into our fight

Well single, girl oh single girl
She always dresses so fine
Married girl, oh married girl
She wears whatever she can find
Single girl goes where ever she please
Married girl's at home on her knees
Oh you know i love my man
But my feet gotta travel this land

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