Lady Luck Songtext
von Rod Stewart

Lady Luck Songtext

Lady luck here I am on time
Propping up the bar with a glass of wine
Sunday night and I'm all spruced up and fine
But I ain't going nowhere

Lady Luck why don't you pull up a chair
And bring you shamrock wisdom darling over here
Your Gaelic humor and your pious smile
All the lads will be laughing tonight

Now you may say it's a funny old world
You may say that the game ain't fair
Is there a plot or do you improvise
Or maybe you don't even care

Lady luck in the nick of time
Why are some folks lucky while the rest are trying
Your demon plan is still a mystery
Laced with a touch of inconsistency

So why don't you give us all a break
Make us all rich healthy and fine
Five month holidays a 4-hour week
And a horse that wins all the time

Lady Luck hear the mandolins
Kinda makes you wonder how it might have been
Now I'll go back to the fun place I've got
Or back on the streets again

Lady Luck yeah it's late I know
Allow me to buy you one more for the road
Tell me something I've been longing to hear
It's gonna get better next year

'Cause i've seen some rainy days
My patience is all ripped and torn
Now the sun comes shining through
I've cried in my beer too long

Lady Luck it sure is a funny old world
Sure is a funny old world

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