I Wish It Would Rain Songtext
von Rod Stewart

I Wish It Would Rain Songtext

How you doin', Annaheim? I don't know what else to call ya'
If I knew all your names, I'd call ya' your bloody names
Here's one that we did when we was here
Were many of you here last night?
Alright, well I changed me shirt anyway
No, I haven't changed me trousers
Sunshine, blue skies, please go away
My love has found another, gone away
Withered up my future, my life is filled with gloom
Day after day I stay locked up in my room
I know to you it might sound strange
But I wish it would rain
Curse so badly, I don't want to go outside
Everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry
Listen, I've got to cry, 'cause crying sheds the pain
To the world outside my tears I refuse to explain
I wish it would rain
Let it rain
Looking down at my tear stained face pressed against the window pane
But I search the sky desperately for rain
'Cause raindrops will hide my teardrops, no one will ever know
When I'm crying, crying when I go outside
To the world outside my tears I refuse to explain
I wish it would rain
Let it rain
Like that number [unverified]

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