Had Me a Real Good Time Songtext
von Rod Stewart

Had Me a Real Good Time Songtext

Carry on, yea

Thought I was lookin' good
So I cycled 'cross the neighborhood
Was invited by a skinny girl
Into her high class world

Left my bicycle under the stairs
Laid my coat across the kosher chairs
Made my way across the crowded room
I had nothing to lose

My reception wasn't very keen
So turning on a friendly grin
Stood on the table with my glass of gin
And came straight to the point

I was glad to come
I'll be sad to go
So while I'm here
I'll have me a real good time

I was glad to come
I'll be sad to go
So while I'm here
I'll have me a real good time, oh

Dancing madly round the room, yeah
Singing loudly and sorta' out of tune
Was escorted by a friendly slag
'Round the bedroom and back

Wandered up across to the door
Missed my step and I fell on the floor
Said one word and I was asked to leave
Kinda' wish I was dead

I was glad to come
And I'll be so sad to leave
So while I was here
I'll had me a real good time

Oh my
The skinny girl made it clear
That she only came here for the beer
That's the thing, oh yea
The vicar, he simply reeked of gin, oh God
On my way home I happened to fall off my bicycle, good party

I was glad to come
But I was also glad to get home, yea

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