Nuthn' But Songtext
von Rockapella

Nuthn' But Songtext

Oo zip z-i-p got nuthin - don′t need nuthin ooo

I'm a man who knows most things
(No fool - got school - he came to play)
I got the limousine drivers and the platinum rings
(Platinum - baby he born ready)
I am intuitive and the views I give - they got a money-back guarantee
(Oo yeah get my money)

Maybe ya think, baby, since you came
(Maybe you think you knocked me off my)
I maybe lost my edge, maybe off my game
(Maybe you think you cracked this cracker)
But I can still hang tough, I can size things up, & I am able to play my hand
And I ain′t bluffin... & baby we ain't nuthin (baby we ain't nuthin)

Nuthin but perfect, nuthin but downright right
Nuthin but every little thing you′d think if you were thinkin of paradise
Nuthin but lights-out marvelous like a summer saturday night
Most definitely, we ain′t nuthin

I played the game down on Bleecker Street.
(He can go Soho and can San Francisco)
I smelled the Hong Kong kitchen, felt the Bangkok heat
(Singapore, Seoul - baby he been busy)
And after all I seen, my perception's keen enough to know when a feelin′s real -
When somethin's somethin...
And baby we ain′t nuthin (baby we just ain't)

Unquestionably, nah, we ain′t nuthin

You've got to agree, baby we ain't nuthin no

Nuthin special - no Beatle reunion - UFO - no
Nuthin less′ll do - this brand of ordinary fairy tale
Nothin special - no corroborated Elvis sighting
Only celestial everyday perfection for 2

Most definitely,

Indubitably - Unquestionably,
Oh, you′ve got to agree
Ain't it clear that we? nuthin

Oo zip z-i-p got nuthin - don′t need nuthin

Nuthin Z-I-P zip

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