California Sad-Eyed Girl Songtext
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California Sad-Eyed Girl Songtext

What do you think when you think of me?
Do you? Do you?
What am I in your history?
Am I? Am I?
So unfair to throw such perfection at a face so full of future.
Starlight in my eyes, didn't realize - it was you.

Where's it written? How was I to know?
Tell me. Tell me.
Should have never let the first love go.
You knew. You told me.
New Year's Eve, we celebrated.
With a toast you told this future.
Still, I see those eyes, beautiful eyes.
How could I not have known?

You'll always be the summer in my winter world,
my California sad-eyed girl.
I need to know - Are we still in your mind?
And come one day, impossible as it may seem, I can dream,
at the end of this road somewhere, you wait for me.

Saw the letter, saw the words he wrote to you. to you
Knew the secrets only we could know, only you.
Pick-up trucks, San Bernardino,
with each word such hope, such romance
Then he signed his name - my name.
Where is that boy now?

Chorus x2

You will be.
You will be.
You will always be.

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