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Make Me Pure Songtext
von Robbie Williams

Make Me Pure Songtext

So I sing a song
To reel 'em in
It's a song I sung before
And a song I'm gonna sing again
I mean every word
I don't mean a single one of them
Oh Lord
Make me pure
But not yet

Don't have to try
I just dial it in
I've never found a job
That for me was worth bothering
I've got a ton of selfish genes
And lazy bones beneath this skin
Oh Lord
Make me pure
But not yet

Smoking kills
Sex sells
I've got one hand in my pocket
But the other one looks cool as hell
I know I'm gonna die
So my revenge is living well
Oh Lord
Make me pure
But not yet

I stopped praying
So I hope this song will do
I wrote it all for you
I'm not perfect
But you don't mind that, do you?
I know you're there to pull me through
Aren't you?

So I look for love
I like the search
And I'll be standing for election
All across the known Universe
That every president
Get the country she deserves
Oh Lord
Make me pure
But not yet

And I've been seeing
Somebody's wife
She said she'd leave him for me
And I said that wasn't wise
You can't lie to a liar
Because of all the lies
Oh Lord
Please make me pure
But not yet

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