Another Saturday - Let It Be Me Songtext
von Rita Coolidge

Another Saturday - Let It Be Me Songtext

my eyes can see right thru it
and it cuts my heart in two
why do you let her do it
makes such a fool of you
you must have stayed there all night long
just to wait for her to call
though you smile across the table
you said i say it all
you survive another russia
where the struggle just to win
and you wish you had the power
to bring her to her knees
you're only living for the time
that she might have despair
you try to make it to the weekend
you pray that she will be there
i wish you could forget her
before she takes the best of you
if you only you would let me
baby i could rescue you
i been right here all the time
like a candle in the rain
baby let me dry your sad eyes
and stop this crazy game
oh let it be me
oh oh oh let it be me
let it be me
she does just doesn't deserve you
doesn't know what love is called
if ever i would hurt you
darling it would hurt me more
if i could i swear i would
melt a cold cold heart
though i lose my chance forever
lying in your arms
lets drive out to the beach tonight
in an old mercedes benz
although it's just an old thing
i borrowed from a friend
i know this is the first time and maybe it is the last
looks straight into these heart of mine
what is really all i ask
oh let it be me
oho oh oh let it me
let it be me
it maybe i'm not able to make every dream come true
i can find a way to
take this tears away from you
just take a chance and take my hand
and i swear you just can't lose
all my love and my devotion is what i'm offering you
all my love and my devotion is what i'm offering you

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