Wild Child Songtext
von Richard Clapton

Wild Child Songtext

Lord above
Who is this child
That's flown into my dreams?
Must be love
But I'm not sittin' round here
Wondering what this means

I'm goin' out, I'm goin' into town
Gonna shake off my confusion
I'm gonna find out, I'm gonna hang around
'Til I manifest my vision

Baby you
You always were a wild child
Baby you
Are an only child
Born of the love of a dancer
So many long nights
You drag your shoes down the fence
Sipping that glass of tequila
Gonna stand on the corner
Gonna scream out your name
I'll be there when you come walking by
Who cares if we're both just a little insane
We can walk to the edge of the sky

Baby you
You always were a wild child

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