I Fell for You Songtext
von Richard Clapton

I Fell for You Songtext

Wasting away in the zero zone
I fell for you but I should have known
You pass through these phases like waves on the sea
Ships break like porcelain - sailors of grief
Down into he Whirlpool that keeps them insane
And I wonder if I can escape it again
The mundane rebel, he secretly cries
His valentine memories hidden inside
And he tells he that he'd sell his soul for your kiss
To Prototype Pete and the mindless kids
Has his pride given way to this false paradise
As he watches your shadow on the window at night
Time for me to leave; find it hard to breathe
The spectacle of life has blown me out
Since I fell for you
I can hear the balalaikas play
Ever so gently over the waves
And your dancing illusion through the smoke in the room
If we're gonna make it, the let's make it soon

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