Glory Road Songtext
von Richard Clapton

Glory Road Songtext


And when there's only one mountain to climb
You can't take the mountain 'cause the mountain is mine
As long as we hang on just one more day
That is something they can't take away

You lead your children down suicide row
Now all your children gotta reap what you sow
Self righteous suckers with your damn virtues
You try and take me, and I'll take you

Here we go, down the glory road

We come from China, we come from Japan
We come from Sweden and the Netherlands
Never surrender 'til that final dawn
Never surrender 'til that dark cloud's gone

I hear the thunder from the distant shore
Some crazy general's trying to keep the score
We built this tower here in Babylon
Just one big flash and it will all be gone

Here we go, down the glory road

Some take their problems to the wailing wall
Even though that faith may stumble and fall
Muslims and Hindus and the Protestant
Can't understand why we can't all be friends

Last night I had a strange strange dream
There was no politics - just you and me
No more deceit from politician's lies
Can't you see that I am on your side?

Here we go, down the glory road

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