A Song About Being Sad Songtext
von Rex Orange County

A Song About Being Sad Songtext

Always felt like I needed to please her, or impress her
Though only in the hope that one day I would undress her
Don′t be offended
You think I'm ′bout to tell you that "I love you"
But I really, really, really fucking don't

See the months of obsession
And crying for hours
I even started sitting down in the shower, girl
I'll take my time on my own
And I′ll be fine now I′m alone

Constantly told stories with a stretch of the truth
Trying hard to make memories to remember from youth
Desperately wanting you to be interested too
It's not clear what I need yet
But it′s clear it's not you

Here′s what I'd say to any young man that′s still interested in you
Do you prioritise the things in your life
The things that you hope to do?
'Cause if not then
Mate you'd better trust me when I tell you that
It′s not worth forgetting about yourself
Because of one fucking girl

She may seem perfect, and gorgeous, and lovely
You′ll think she likes you
I mean I thought she loved me, no
But no
Neither of us will get down from the shelf
The only one she loves is herself

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