Peta Grifin Songtext
von Rej3ctz

Peta Grifin Songtext

2 different J's
2 different women
This shit bang
(Rej3ctz Killing)
I'm not a Family Guy
I got a lot of women
Brand new dance
(It's the Peta Griffin)
Go on hit itYou know we selling Creez line wrapped around the building
Okay hit it Stewie grab his nose and do it vicious
Ratchet popin ass but Chelsea call it thinnest
Now go on and move ya arms like ya hundred yard runnin
And let dem haters know that you stuntin
Smokin High??? turn this building to a function (function)
Flow sick, dose this, Love it??????????????????????????
Peta Griffin T-shirts all my bitches love it
Body full of liquor
Swisher full of nuggets
And tell the Dj they gonna love it

I'm not family guy
I got a lot of women
Creez to da Max
Pockets Peter GriffinPeter GriffinYo Pee W33 let's smash em
Cat Daddy 2 times then drop it to my Peter Griffin????? Kush Rainbow my wrist so true
Horseshoes on all of my--
Stacking these crabby patties
My pockets so Peter Griffin???????? undercover brothers
She going so??????? like a damn coalition
I'm wit it if she wit it
Real ratchet kinda cold she can get it
Smash her down that's a shag can you dig it??????? paper just to spend it
(I'm not a family guy I gotta lotta lotta hoes
Hit one time pass her to the bros. x2)

Hip Hop Madonna, Black Johnny Bravo
She want my Magic stick
So I stuck it in her hairy bottom
Ignore Peter's Swag; CREEZ!
They don't want the drama
I got her pussy wetter than a fire hydrant
So My name she will holla
Ballin! like Blake Griffin
This is rated PG like Peter Griffin
And my blunt like a baby leeeeeg????????????
Bitches show me love that's a fact That's the reason???? Stood up, arms down now they swingin
Find me in the club all black going Cleveland
What I want nothing but head now beat it
Get her Get her bang bang chitty chitty chitty
Qaumire these hoes Giggity Giggity Giggity
Hard head make chick wanna shimmy
Wanna go to sea world?
Have some free willy

Peter Griffin

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