Northern Throne Songtext
von Reincarnage

Northern Throne Songtext

These mountains bear the burden of our calamitous faults
In silent vigil they have cracked under force
Ancestry refined as aeons passed by
Awakened wargs swarm to reclaim

Devoted loyalty fill these veins
Intoxicated with affection for this soil
To stand on top of what is yours by right
And to swear eternal allegiance
Tortured screams from scum and filth echo through the empire again
The virtue of forebearers shall be restored
Our spawn will forever reap its glory

This is the time for retribution, the coming of a storm
Arise to the sight of triumph by dawn
Let the eagle be reborn in the flames of our hatred
Spread the wings of murder and fly free once more

The righteous reign foretold
Vengeance in the flesh
Sovereign by bloodline
Heirs to the northern throne

Lamentations pierce like knives as swords impale the swine
With ferocity our lust for carnage rise
Violently reconquered, victory is at hand
We have returned
With iron will we have claimed this dawn

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