Slave Religion Songtext
von Rebellion

Slave Religion Songtext

They arrived in the rain
Worn and ragged they came
Just two beggars asking for food
We took them in as a good host should

We took them in for the news they had
But their stories were weird and mad
About a god to whom men must kneel
We put them with the slaves, we are men of steel

Slave religion, a slave religion

And the slaves they listened
For in the end the weak shall stand
One just must kneel and regret
But exactly what I still don't understand

How can you help me
Nailed to the cross hung high
Free men never kneel and your weakness I defy

I'll grind your crucifix to dust
And I shall feed it to my swine
A slave religion you do preach
And your god shall not be mine
Slave religion

I would have slayed them
But hospitality's law forbade
They left with a blessing
But I prefer to trust in my blade

I don't want you to love me
For your love is really hate
I'll go to Valhall and I'll spit your heaven's gate

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