Raydiation Intro Songtext
von Ray J

Raydiation Intro Songtext

Yea welcome to my life (raydiation)

City of carson that's where I grew up (yea)
That's where I knew of (the view)
That's all I knew of (yea)
In kindegarten until I got out of skoo
I started to hang with the fools I went from here to bad news.

Then ma sister started to blow up
I saw the money just go up
But I hardly saw her and my mother I used to
Hang round the corner, I felt like I was a loner
But I got love for my homies

I started changin', flirtin' with gang bangin'
Had the hook up on ol' skoo
So everyday I was out hangin'
And then I heard gun shots
They aimin at my head and that's when the fun stopped
Cuz next I might be dead

I called my mama on the phone
Said this is your son, I need some help
I'm in a whole lot of trouble
And cant get through by myself
They shot out a plane and flew me out
No doubt I said goodbye to my friends
Then disappeared in the clouds
They told me Ray J, you gotta turn yourself around now
Or throw it all away and Lay six feet in the ground
I'm totally focused I gotta move forward
I hear my callin' this time
I just wont ignore it into the future
Throw all the past and then you came and you can grow...

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