More About Alcoholism Songtext
von Ramshackle Glory

More About Alcoholism Songtext

This car is a war machine that runs on nicotine and gasoline.
Don't you fucking know this is the wrong side of the road?
Who needs brakes when it's all down hill from here?
And if we ain't died yet, then just maybe we never will.

But i don't wanna burn out, so won't you please set me on fire again?
I woke up afraid of losing everything; thank god that I already have.
So if you love me then listen: mind your own fucking business!
If you love me enough to stay, then please love me enough to stay, enough to stay away.

I swear on my last cigarette that I'd love you my darling.
I'd love you if I could.
But since the day I was born, it's been too late for me to be
Anything but what I am tonight.
And what I am is drunk, and what I am is mean, in your passenger seat.
Seat belts are for people who have time to die;
Hell, I don't even have time to sleep.

Because I don't wanna miss a moment of loathing everything that I see.
I stay up nights afraid of everything, till all that's left is the shadows and me.
Ask me from sunrise to sunset: no, I ain't left the house yet.
I finally love you enough to stay, enough to stay away.

Aw, shit, I wish I had a job to quit.
I wish I had a boss that I could tell to fuck off.
Give me the satisfaction of a dramatic exit, and not just
A long car ride and a short goodbye in a parking lot.

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